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Welcome to my astrophotography website. Tour the Gallery to see the astrophotographs that I've captured. The Equipment pages describe the gear that I use. The Astronomy and Astrophotography pages have useful information. Mostly this site is about the pictures.  I hope you like them.

   The Horse with the Blue Pearl

 The Monoceris Rosette
The Flame and HorseHead 
  Eta Carina    M42 Orion Nebula   

  M20 Trifid    Mars    Line of Stars       
NGC 4945 Galaxy   M7 in a sea of stars  
 M8 Lagoon Nebula 
Eta Carina OAG    Running Chicken   
 Crater Gassendi     Jupiter  
NGC 5128 Centaurus 
NGC 3372 Carina Nebula The Running Man
 Helix Nebula   M16 Eagle Nebula    NGC 253
 M20 Trifid Nebula  Corona Australis  
Table of Scorpius   
 Eta Carina Nebula in Hydrogen-Alpha   
M17 Swan (H-alpha)    M16 Eagle (H-alpha)  
 M8 Lagoon (H-alpha)   M20 Trifid Nebula  
  M83 Galaxy  Eta Carina  David Malin Awards   M8 Lagoon  
Moon Shots    M24 Milky Way 
Omega Centauri
    M17 Swan
ECLIPSE of the Moon - Poster (Very Nice) click here
Ultrawide Mosaic of the Milky Way (Wow) click here
Lunar Total Eclipse: Timelapse Pics  click here
The Pipe Dark Nebula: click here
Milky Way Beauty:  click here
The Table of Scorpius click here
Moon Shots  click here

Crater Clavius Poster click here
Lunar Total Eclipse Pictures: click here
M8 Lagoon (Reworked from 2006) click here


An experiment in astrophotography to examine the noise in DSLR camera sub exposures: click here.

Would you like to know how deep sky objects would appear in the sky if you could see them with your naked eye?  Then just   click here...

See more of my best astrophotographs:   click here

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